Statement by Ambassador Youssef Amrani at the Conference Power week Africa

Statement by Ambassador Youssef Amrani at the Conference Power week Africa - Johannesburg, 9 to 13 September 2019


I would like to express my warm thanks to the organizers for the invitation that has been addressed to me to participate in this very important meeting alongside distinguished specialist, professionals and honorable guests. It is an even greater pleasure for me as we are addressing in the frame of this conference ‘’power week Africa’’ matters in which we have a shared and common interest.


  • 3 years ago, on the sidelines of COP 22 His Majesty the King of Morocco invited the Heads of State and Government of more than 30 African countries for the holding of the First Africa Action Summit on Climate Change in Marrakech.


  • It was indeed a timely meeting, because of the priority all of us should grant to energies and especially renewable energies related topics.


  • Since more than a decade, Morocco has been steadily increasing its efforts to promote on the continental and international scale an integrated, inclusive and concerted vision on climate change related issues.


  • Morocco deeply believes that the Implementation of any sustainable and relevant strategy on the fight against climate change need to be supported by all African countries. Therefore,it is committed alongside sister nations and, within the African Union to an African continent that is looking to the future and shaping its own destiny.


  • The stakes are high, but the will and the ambitions of Africa, in all its component, is even bigger .The very aim of our common commitment is to build an African continent that:


  • Is Resilient to climate change and that commits resolutely to sustainable development;
  • Uses its resources in an optimal way, while respecting environmental and social balances;
  • Speaks with one voice, demand climate justice as well as the mobilization of the necessary resources
  • Submits concerted proposals in connection with the fight against climate change.


  • Indeed, it is our duty to give greater impetus to the African emergence and continue to move forward in the realization of the objectives identified. To do so, we must make sure that any step forward, we decide to undertake, brings us closer to the perspective of an African continent that is solidly and responsibly committed to the environmental cause


  • Our meeting today is the occasion for all of us to share our ambitions, perspectives and visions for the future


  • One example of megaprojects that can contribute to the development of our energy industries is the Moroccan Nigerian pipeline. This project will accelerate West Africa access to electricity for the benefits of the population and so create a competitive energy market that will contribute to the industrialization and reinforce the integration of all countries of North and West Africa.


  • As of morocco, which is already Feeling the deleterious effects of climate change a wave of reforms have been undertaken. My colleague Said Mouline will provide you with a wider and more comprehensive view on this. I will limit myself to 3 or 4 remarks.


  • Morocco has adopted, an energy strategy, based mainly on renewable energies, the development of energy efficiency and the strengthening of regional integration on behalf of a political will to the highest level of the State


  • On an institutional standpoint we gave priority to renewable energies and to energy efficiency, through two dedicated agencies: the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE) and the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN), in charge of developing the largest projects around renewables. Both must go hand in hand.This institutional framework has been improved with the acceleration of Morocco's energy transition to ensure convergence and better coordination between the different Moroccan actors and to provide strong institutions able to support national and international investors through the implementation of a series of legislative, regulatory and institutional provisions that are another pillar of our energy strategy.


  • Regarding regional cooperation The Kingdom of Morocco considers that triangular cooperation can be a promising vector to support the African countries development efforts, particularly in the energy sector. This cooperation based on true partnership and solidarity can and will enable African countries to benefit from Moroccan expertise, by providing additional funding through the participation of international donors


I thank you once again and before I hand over the floor allow me to highlight something.  Africa, more than any other continent is experiencing permanent structural changes but is also facing many challenges. Our continent is indeed in a pivotal phase of its history, which requires the Implementation of concerted strategies, collective instruments and innovative mechanisms , to continue its path resolutely turned toward progress, while counting on its own resources and abilities 

What morocco has to offer :

  • Dynamic energy sector
  • Growing local energy demand
  • Huge opportunities of investment
  • Favorable and attractive terms of hydrocarbons law
  • A gateway to Africa, Europe and Middle East
An Exciting future