The Kingdom of Morocco expresses its deep astonishment at its exclusion from the conference scheduled in Berlin, Germany on Libya


The Kingdom of Morocco has always been at the forefront of international efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis. Morocco played a decisive role in the conclusion of the Skhirat agreements, which are, to date, the only political framework supported by the Security Council and accepted by all the Libyan parties for the resolution of the crisis in this important country of the Maghreb.

The Kingdom of Morocco understands neither the criteria nor the motivations behind the choice of the countries participating in this meeting.

The host country of this conference, which is far from the region and the complexities of the Libyan crisis, cannot transform it into an instrument for the promotion of its national interests.

The Kingdom of Morocco will continue its commitment alongside the Libyan brothers and the countries sincerely interested and concerned, in order to contribute to a solution to the Libyan crisis.