Morocco State of Emergency

The state of health emergency comes in response to the growing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. Morocco has confirmed 77 cases of the virus.

A statement from the Ministry of Interior declares that all those inside Moroccan territory must acquire authorization in the form of a document to enter public spaces. The ministry specified that the local authorities will distribute the exceptional movement permits to residences. The permit can also be printed and filled out from to later be signed by the competent authorities. 

Authorization is also provided to those employed by companies, factories, agricultural work, and commercial facilities related to the daily life of citizens, pharmacies, banking and financial sectors, hydrocarbon supply stations, clinics and medical facilities, agencies of telecommunications companies, essential freelance professions, and stores selling hygiene  products Employees in the public and private sectors who have been authorized to go to work do not need additional movement permits. 

The ministry underlined that the movement restrictions will remain in place until the end of the state of health emergency is lifted. Everyone in Morocco must comply with these mandatory measures under penalty of sanctions provided for in the Criminal Code. 
Morocco’s public forces, police, Royal Gendarmerie, and military will enforce these  measures   firmly and responsibly against anyone in public spaces.