botwana_cyclist Moroccan Cyclist Survives Elephant Attack in the borders between Botswana and Zambia - Embassy of Morocco in South Africa | Embassy of Morocco in South Africa

A young Moroccan cyclist, Abdelhadi Cecradi, who toured the African continent by bicycle, underwent a successful surgical operation on Thursday in a clinic in Gaborone, capital of Botswana, following a serious accident on the borders between this country and Zambia.

The young cyclist, 23, from the city of Guelmim, was surprised when he crossed the border between these two countries in southern Africa by an elephant who violently attacked the young Moroccan.

While trying to flee the visibly angry elephant following the passage of a truck, the young cyclist hit a tree. The collusion resulted in a serious double fracture in its left hand.

Immediately alerted, the services of the Embassy of Morocco in South Africa took the necessary measures , in collaboration with the authorities of Botswana to transporting the Moroccan cyclist to a clinic in Gaborone where he underwent urgent surgery, at the expense of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African cooperation and Moroccans living abroad

The cyclist told the Moroccan News Agency in Johannesburg that his operation was carried out in good conditions, expressing his thanks to Morocco, his country of origin, for the rapid intervention and all the help he could find since the accident until his arrival in the capital of Botswana.