Youssef-Amrani-1 Overcoming the geopolitics of fear, uncertainty and anxiety - The path of a humanity that moves forward and of diplomacy that seeks resilience - Embassy of Morocco in South Africa

Ambassador Youssef Amrani gave an exclusive interview to the prestigious newspaper ‘’le Maroc Diplomatique’’ providing his insight and analysis regarding the tremendous ongoing challenges faced by our globalized World.

Answering a series of questions in French language,the Ambassador advocated for a broader sense of solidarity, altruism and empathy at all levels of human interaction.

"The spirituality of the month of Ramadan finds its essence in the values of empathy, support and sharing. The world must return to its roots and the values of this holy month are more relevant than ever for our societies, which are wounded in their humanity and attacked in their coherence".

Moroccan diplomacy has always drawn its source and inspiration from this very same spirit of unity and fraternity highlighted the Ambassador. With regard to Africa, it is the ambition of a renewed pan-Africanism that Mr Youssef Amrani advocated for.

"Faced with structural and global challenges, Africa needs concerted and supportive actions. The Continent has the means to achieve its ambitions as soon as the conditions for greater political coherence are met at the level of the AU and elsewhere. The legitimate aspirations of Africa's youth must be reflected in the strategic orientations of a continental policy that aspires to peace, prosperity and security.

Referring to the multiple initiatives and unwavering commitment of Morocco toward the African emergence, the Ambassador underscored that:

“His Majesty the King, Mohammed VI has always put Africa at the heart of morocco’s diplomatic agenda. The emergence of our Continent is therefore not a slogan or a pious wish, but a real commitment to our African brothers and sisters”

Commenting on the role of diplomats Youssef Amrani said:
“In unstable international climate, diplomats are becoming multifunctional and versatile actors facing the cross-cutting issues. It is time of uncertainty the diplomat is called upon to demonstrate his or her talent to foster a world with greater coherence and lasting stability”.

Read the whole interview in French: