Khammar_Mrabit AMSSNur: Morocco Member of IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards Commission - Embassy of Morocco in South Africa


Morocco represented by the Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security (AMSSNuR) has been elected as a Member of the Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (CNS) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In this regard, the Director of AMSSNuR, Mr. Khammar Mrabit, will be representing the Kingdom for four years within the CNS.

This election comes to confirm Morocco’s strong efforts and firm commitment recognized at the continental and international levels in the strategic areas of nuclear and radiological safety and security.

The CNS represents a permanent body made up of 25 senior officials and national experts, from more than 170 member states of the IAEA, responsible for establishing standards and guidelines for nuclear and radiological safety and security and other regulatory documents relating to the use of nuclear energy, ionizing radiation, transport of radioactive materials and waste, as well as the preparation and response to nuclear or radiological emergencies.

The ambition is to provide strategic guidance for the development, review and approval of safety standards, basic texts of principles and safety requirements to be submitted to the IAEA Board of Governors for approval.