Morocco’s Commitment towards Africa: Continental solidarity is essential to overcome the coronavirus crisis

Morocco’s Commitment towards Africa: Continental solidarity is essential to overcome the coronavirus crisis


His Majesty King Mohammed VI is committed to real African solidarity and to building a future of peace, prosperity and security for the Continent, said Youssef Amrani, Morocco's Ambassador to South Africa.

"True African solidarity must emerge and ambitions of unity and resilience must be at the forefront of a continental agenda driven by real leadership, a common vision and a progressive concerted strategy.


This is the same vision that His Majesty King Mohammed VI has for an Africa which shapes with responsibility and ambition a future of peace, prosperity and security," wrote Mr. Amrani in a column published by Spanish daily "El Pais".

"Solidarity is fundamental and even structuring in this approach," said the Moroccan diplomat, arguing that the latest initiative proposed by the Sovereign to counter the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Africa "is part of this spirit of unity and is a continuation of the Kingdom's unwavering commitment to the continent."

For the Moroccan Ambassador to South Africa, this unprecedented health crisis can be a scourge or a blessing. "A plague, if Africa returns to the status quo, or a blessing if it turns this pandemic into a new opportunity thanks to a substantial review of its policies and modus operandi," he said, putting emphasis on the need for the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) to strengthen its working methods in terms of conflict prevention and management and peacebuilding in Africa.

To deal with Covid-19, Africa will not only have to mobilize the resources necessary to limit the number of victims, but also manage the crisis and its medium-term effects in the health, economic, financial and social dimensions, said Mr. Amrani, noting that "the challenge for African countries is very real, and the continent's ability to take control of its own destiny is a priority".

Thanks to the Vision, Leadership and Commitment of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco has spared no effort to protect its people from a virus that indifferently affects the specificities of each country, said the Moroccan diplomat, stressing that "the generalized solidarity that we see today in the Moroccan society is an eloquent example of the deep and undeniable humanism which drives the heart and the spirit of our compatriots".

Faced with the adversity of the virus, Morocco, in all its diversity, acted as a "single proud and patriotic man", he said, noting that the elegance of a people and the strength of a nation are the best vaccine during these difficult times.

"We have an advanced and privileged status with Europe, very deep African roots and a very important international legitimacy. The ingredients to surf the good wave are there," said the Moroccan diplomat.

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