Building bridges of trust between Morocco and South Africa

Building bridges of trust between Morocco and South Africa

On the 30th of July 2020, the Kingdom of Morocco celebrates the 21st anniversary of the accession to the Throne of H.M. King Mohammed VI. On this national day of celebration, Morocco wishes to express solidarity and love to all its friends, partners and sister nations.

This year has been exceptional for Morocco. Under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the spirit of fraternity and humanitarianism prevailed in our national and in our foreign policy. Internally, Morocco spared no effort to protect its people from the devastating health and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. From the very beginning, we took courageous, strong and effective measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and did what was necessary to care for those who are most impacted by this devastating outbreak. Over the past two decades, Morocco has been constantly making strides in a lucid and serene manner, to consolidate democracy and promote development and prosperity based on a genuine and humanistic approach. We continue to do so by undertaking major reform processes with the unwavering commitment to bridge the identified gaps and to develop initiatives that will promote citizens’ participation in politics, decentralization, human rights, gender equality, and equitable human development.In line with this dynamic, Morocco is in the process of finalizing with confidence and determination, a new model of development that breaks the patterns of past shortcomings and opens the door to a better future. Morocco has become a haven of coexistence and cultural resilience, deeply rooted in the values of modernity and humanity - and that is what distinguishes the Moroccan constitutional monarchy. King Mohammed VI’s commitment to promoting peace, security, stability, reform and sustainable development goes beyond Morocco’s borders.
It is this very same determination and spirit of unity that underpins our foreign policy. H.M. King Mohammed VI’s initiative to support and work with more than 15 African sisterly nations in their national efforts and endeavors to fight the Covid-19 pandemic confirms yet again, that Morocco’s commitment for a united, strong and resilient Africa persists. Under the current difficult circumstances, the emerging solidarity, cooperation and empathy from across the continent is a source of pride and a beacon of hope. The Kingdom, a founding father of the OAU, has continuously joined efforts with African partners. Integration, stability and prosperity are at the heart of our priorities. Morocco has contributed actively towards international efforts to restore and maintain peace, security and stability in a number of African countries. With regard to the Sahara issue, the UN Security Council defined the approach to resolve this this regional dispute – this approach achieves a political, realistic, practicable and sustainable solution based on compromise, and considers the autonomy initiative proposed by Morocco as serious and credible compromise to end this longstanding regional dispute. Morocco is committed to working in good faith with the UN and the International Community to move this positive, UN-led process further ahead.

Covid-19 should be a major geopolitical turning point in Africa’s path toward development and prosperity. A responsible, concerted and continental management of the pandemic is decisive and crucial, as it will greatly affect our success or failure as Africans. Our economies have been impacted, our growth prospects slowed down and our health systems put under considerable strain, but courage should always guide our actions and humanity should always be at the heart of our priorities. Africa can and will emerge stronger from this sanitary crisis as long as unity prevails over division, solidarity over egoism, and lucidity over outdated ideologies. We need to step up our efforts within the African Union to speak with one voice to shape and influence the international decision-making process. We need our respective energies to become the driving force of a continent that is evolving. We will achieve progress only through significant reforms and we will meet the needs of our fellow African citizens only through meaningful decisions. Africa should rely on its own capacities, it can afford to do so, since our youth, our people, our assets, and our skills are demonstrating unexpected levels of resilience. Being relevant today means thinking about tomorrow. Perhaps Africa will be the pioneer and set an example for others to follow. “An Africa of Health” could be one of the most valuable outcomes of this crisis - which is not only a stigma but also a great opportunity.

It is my sincerest desire that this spirit also prevails bilaterally, where the ongoing dynamic relationship between Morocco and South Africa is taken to the next level. Our countries have made a joint commitment to work together for the mutual benefit of our people and I am fully committed to pursuing this path by building bridges of trust, cooperation and mutual understanding. Our artists, civil society actors, intellectuals and business community members are our greatest assets and are invited to join these efforts to create platforms and links towards unity.

Youssef Amrani
Ambassador of Morocco to South Africa