Roger-Nkodo-Dang President of the Pan-African Parliament Alerts AU FMs about the irregular and Inappropriate Actions of the 3rd Vice President Jamal Bouras - Embassy of Morocco in South Africa

President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), Roger Nkodo Dang, has sent a letter to the African Union foreign ministers to draw their attention to the maneuvers of the 3rd Vice President of the PAP, Jamal Bouras, against the interests of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The authoritarian abuses of the third Algerian vice-president of the PAP, Jamal Bouras, who acts as the president without rotation, have created a serious institutional and functional crisis within the Pan-African Parliament, Dang underlines in the letter.

The president, blocked in Cameroon, stressed that all decisions, declarations and actions taken outside what is provided for by the texts in force, cannot be considered as reflecting the position of the PAP or its legitimate bodies.

The Parliament did not hold a single session, which is contrary to the provision of Article 28, paragraph 1, which stipulates that the PAP should hold at least two ordinary sessions during a period of twelve months, Nkodo Dang pointed out, calling on AU FMs to intervene immediately.

The mandate of President Roger Nkodo Dang, elected to the Pan-African Parliament on May 10, 2018, for a period of three years, has been momentarily suspended due to legislative elections, held in his country in February, the letter said noting that Mr. Nkodo Dang was supposed to resume his duties during the May session.