Yasmina_Sbihi ''In the footsteps of Sidy Ahmed TIJANI '' by Yasmina SBIHI, Ideal gift from Morocco to the Continent at the start of 2021 - Embassy of Morocco in South Africa | Embassy of Morocco in South Africa

This book, which is only the first in a series, traces a spiritual journey and a travelogue in several Tijani zaouias of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Medina and Mecca, but also of Senegal. This journey will continue in Africa as well as through other countries in Asia, America and Europe. The book is an excellent pretext to reappropriate the intangible heritage that cements Morocco's place in Africa since the trans-Saharan caravans.

Yasmina Sbihi inaugurates a literary genre that combines story, photo and emotion on a subject not always accessible to the general public: Sufism. Through her book, she invites us to re-live her initiatory journey Tijani with a mixture of rare sensitivity, tolerance and clairvoyance. without forcing the line, or falling into voyeurism, she pushes for discovery without revealing and shows a contagious spiritual intelligence. In this, she invents a new grammar of sharing, in which free will is king.

Beyond the style, Yasmina does useful work in so troubled times when extremisms of all stripes threaten the balance of our societies by their sectarianism and their intolerance of another age that we believed to be over. She made the choice of the Islam of the Enlightenment by privileging Love, the Search for Knowledge and Peace. Telling her initiatory journey is only the pretext for an invitation to Love with a capital "A".

Yasmina's great merit is to make Sufism accessible without ever misleading it, much less trivializing it. When it comes to leveling down, she has opted for lifting from the top while making possible different “reading levels”. Deep inside, Yasmina invites us to reconcile with ourselves. More than ever, her book echoes this premonitory reflection of André Malraux "the XXIst Century will be spiritual or will not be".